Ski Areas

EPR Properties is able to make the ski experience more accessible by offering ski parks with the convenience of proximity, as well as four-season resorts, transforming skiing and snowboarding from a once-a-winter event into a frequent choice.






Skiable Acres



EPR Properties finances ski parks and resorts across the United States. Our properties offer a variety of terrains and vertical drops to provide entertainment and recreation during the winter, when outdoor recreational opportunities can be scarce. The ability to make snow over most or all of the trails minimizes weather-related risks. Increasingly, summer has become important for the industry, as optimizing all four seasons provides advantages to ski operators ready to expand their business beyond winter.

Skiing is a timeless sport, yet not every skiing and snowboarding enthusiast has the time, money, or skill level to regularly make the long haul to distant mountain locales. We see an opportunity to make the ski experience more accessible by bringing the mountain to the skier. We also finance ski properties as they grow and change to meet the evolving desires of their devoted guests.