Private Schools

Private schools in gateway cities provide an alternative to meet the continuous, significant demand for high quality education in the United States.




Annualized Adj. EBITDAre*



The research continues to show that parents want to provide their children every competitive advantage they can. The intellectual rigor our private schools are able to offer is often based on the same curriculum as what’s found in the highest-achieving schools abroad. This flexibility and control allows private schools to help their students develop and succeed in ways that might not be possible with many traditional public school options.

As educational choice continues to become a priority for parents, private schools provide yet another option for maximizing the education experience. Greater control over curriculum and the freedom to set global standards of accomplishment mean schools are better able to work with students individually and to focus on the whole child. At EPR Properties, we understand that the school facility is a reflection and extension of a carefully designed curriculum. Our partnerships produce modern, state-of-the-art resources such as science labs, athletic and dining facilities, and technology infrastructures that prepare students as the thinkers and achievers of tomorrow.


*See Supplemental Operating and Financial Data for definition and calculation of this non-GAAP measure.