As the leaders in theatre financing for over two decades, we’ve seen the consistent resiliency of the moviegoing experience firsthand with operator and geographic diversity of 17 operators and properties across 36 states.




Annualized Adj. EBITDAre**



Moviegoing remains the dominant out of home entertainment experience with a stable 25-year revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% and strong 2019 revenues of $11.3B.*** Today’s audiences are seeking a complete experience when they spend their leisure dollars. Expanded food and beverage concepts, luxury seating and the latest technology enhance the new moviegoing experience.

EPR Properties owns the strongest portfolio of theatres operated by premiere motion picture exhibition companies, where we empower their success with financing options that provide a total solution for their real estate needs. As the REIT that first specialized in movie theatres, we use the knowledge we’ve gained to partner with operators who can deliver the best in the business. With two decades of success and over $2 billion in theatre investments, we bring valuable experience and insight to theatre real estate investing.

*Excludes 7 theatres located in Entertainment Districts (included in Eat & Play)
**See Supplemental Operating and Financial Data for definition and calculation of this non-GAAP measure.
***Box Office Mojo