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Vice President - Finance

James Lee

As Vice President of EPR Properties’ Finance Group, Mr. Lee coordinates EPR Properties’ capital market activity, manages the budgeting process, and provides leadership on long-term strategic forecasting and financial planning, including hedging strategies. Mr. Lee also manages the company’s external banking, investment, and rating agency relationships to ensure optimum financing solutions are available to EPR.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining EPR Properties in 2012, Mr. Lee founded and managed a financial consulting firm, which ultimately merged to form Capitus Group, where he led corporate finance initiatives for clients, such as financial reporting infrastructure implementation and long-term forecasting. Prior to his tenure at Capitus Group, Mr. Lee spent four years in public accounting and six years in corporate finance and accounting. Mr. Lee holds a Masters in Accounting from Rice University and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Houston. He is a Certified Public Accountant.